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  1. So, how do we see anything? Well, clearly, we use our eyes. But lets talk a bit
  2. more about that. Light travels through the pupil, through the eyes interior. It
  3. makes contact with the retina in the rear which is covered with rods and cones.
  4. The rods are for low level lighting, such as during night time, and also for
  5. peripheral vision and motion detection. The cones provide us with core vision.
  6. The key idea here is, light coming from a particular direction is detected by
  7. cones in a particular spot in the eye. This description barely touches on the
  8. complexity of the eye. The iris around the pupil opens and closes to let more or
  9. less light in. The back of the eye is a curved surface. The density of cones is
  10. highest tin the fovea. Which is where our eyes focus for reading or other
  11. activities. And we haven't even touched on what happens to these signals when
  12. they're processed by the brain.