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  1. ♪(energetic electronic music)♪
  2. I think that the people using
    GitHub are definitely changing
  3. the world, and what we're doing
    is we're providing the tools
  4. and the platform for them
    to make their ideas real.
  5. There aren't different types
    of companies anymore;
  6. there are just software companies.
    If we do our jobs correctly,
  7. GitHub will certainly be a part of that.
  8. ["What began as a private project
    with zero commercial intent...]
  9. [...has emerged as one of
    the world's most--if not the most--]
  10. [powerful development tools
    for software." -Inc Magazine]
  11. Anyone that's ever used Wikipedia
    is familiar with version control.
  12. The way we use it with Git,
    at GitHub, is we take that exact same
  13. model and we apply it to source code.
  14. GitHub was meant to make Git
    easy enough to use that anyone
  15. could use it. If you use the tools
    the same way that we do,
  16. you can really unlock the next level
    of working together better.
  17. In the early days it was about
    removing friction from the
  18. software development process,
    and now it's about how can we
  19. imagine a better process and
    how can we get everybody there.
  20. We intended GitHub to be used
    for software, but these tools,
  21. this collaborative platform, you can
    use it for all sorts of stuff.
  22. Many, many different professions
    are all collaborating around something.
  23. Using everything
    that we've learned should
  24. lend itself to helping other
    professions work better together.
  25. I think GitHub is making it easier
    for people to work remote,
  26. and I think working remotely
    is the future of business.
  27. We've realized that it could be
    a big thing. It could be a big deal.
  28. It could solve a real
    problem people had.
  29. It was sort of this meeting of
    the minds that allowed us to form
  30. the foundation of GitHub, and
    the rest is history, so to speak.
  31. ♪(energetic electronic music)♪
  32. [From individual developers...]
  33. [...to global enterprises
    and Fortune 500s]
  34. [Git Hub Users: x-axis: year, y-axis: millions]
  35. [Best Bootstrapped Start-up
    | 2008 -Crunchies]
  36. [Best Overall Start-up | 2012 -Crunchies]
  37. [GitHub Respositories:
    x-axis: year, y-axis: millions]
  38. ["GitHub's momentum is astonishing..."]
  39. ["Your next business
    will be built on it." -Inc Magazine]
  40. As someone that works at
    GitHub, it's crazy just to see
  41. the amount of ideas, the amount
    of momentum, the amount of
  42. excitement going on all over
    the world right now by people
  43. that are building software.
  44. We keep growing, and it continuously
    gets bigger and more interesting.
  45. The way that we remain hungry
    is to continue on the mission
  46. that we started five years ago.
    Let's just build this incredible
  47. collaboration platform. It's constantly
    being inspired and excited
  48. about what we're working on
    that will allow us to carry forward
  49. for years and decades to come.
  50. ["GitHub has only begun to grow." -Inc Magazine]