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  1. Ticket type. Are they buying VIP or general admission?
  2. >> Yep. Maybe number of tickets purchased, or I guess
  3. you can infer that based off of ticket type. Yeah
  4. >> Let's not make them do that.
  5. >> Maybe the purchase source, cause they
  6. care where most of their stuff's coming from?
  7. >> Sure. Sure.
  8. >> But yeah, you can keep modifying this, like, Save As, do a
  9. couple different reports showing different data if
  10. you had a lot of different fields.
  11. >> Okay, so should I save this now?
  12. >> So yeah, let's save it for now. but we want to
  13. keep going.
  14. >> So what we're doing here basically we're, our goal is
  15. to make this, this you know gauge this little odometer looking thing.
  16. >> Mm-hm. But, as long as we're making this report, we're just, kind
  17. of, figuring out all of the information that might be relevant to convey.
  18. >> Right.
  19. >> Okay.