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  1. That's a great question. So what do data scientists do?
  2. I think it's it's really hard to to pinpoint exactly
  3. what they do because it's going to be tailored to
  4. their actual application area that they work. But in general, what
  5. they do is they take data and they find meaning
  6. in the data. And what the meaning is going to be
  7. really geared towards is going to be the, the case
  8. for what they would like to explain. So it could be
  9. that a particular company, if they are looking
  10. at a company or, or the project. If they
  11. are looking for some, some particular signal or
  12. something. I think in general in my mind what
  13. data science does is, is use is use this data. Data sciences uses data
  14. to essentially explain and perhaps predict behavior
  15. be it human behavior or even like, like, behavior of of of a more
  16. machine generated system, anything could be like that.