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  1. Hi. I'm John Regehr and I like to make software fail. This
  2. June I'll be teaching CS258 which is a course on applied software testing.
  3. What that means is, the focus of the course is going to be
  4. on trying to make real software fail as opposed to learning software engineering
  5. theory. The reason I wanted to create this course is because computer
  6. science educators like me, often haven't done a very good job in teaching
  7. tCS students to become really strong testers. And I'd like to help try
  8. to fix that. One of the things that you'll do in this class
  9. is participate in some tournaments that we have setup, where you are
  10. going to to try to break software that other students and they are going
  11. to break the software that you wrote. And I think this will be
  12. really fun. I spent the last 12 years as a computer science researcher,
  13. mainly working on ways to improve the quality of software, including reporting
  14. about 450 bugs to people who develop C compilers. This class is for
  15. you if you're interested in increasing the quality of software that you write
  16. and then increasing the quality of
  17. software that other people write. You're ready
  18. for this class if you have a reasonable, working knowledge of
  19. algorithms and data structures, and if you're an intermediate level Python
  20. programmer who can put together the basic control flow constructs and
  21. data types in order to solve small problems. See you in class.