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  1. So all three people that Lauren just mentioned are considered by society to be
  2. very intelligent people. The truth is, we don't really know their intelligence.
  3. They never took IQ tests. In fact, there's reason to believe that Darwin for
  4. example, was only average in his IQ. But these people still accomplished great
  5. things. So what's going on here is that psychologists, when they use the word
  6. intelligent. They mean something much more specific than the way people use the
  7. term in every day life. So what did all three of these people have in common?
  8. They were all very creative. They were able to generate new ideas in new fields
  9. of study. So psychologists make a distinction between creativity and
  10. intelligence. So we do this because they're really different things. So the
  11. research on the relationship between intelligence and creativity has shown that
  12. the correlation is only about 0.20 between them. Meaning that knowing someone's
  13. IQ only tell us a very little bit about their level of creativity. So for
  14. instance, someone could be really high on intelligence and not all that
  15. creative. Likewise, someone could be really creative and not score all that
  16. high on IQ. Although they probably would be at least average or maybe slightly
  17. above average on intelligence.