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  1. Hi, welcome to the introduction to Hadoop
  2. and MapReduce. I'm Sarah Sproehnle. I'm the vice
  3. president of educational services at Cloudera, the company
  4. that helps develop, support, and manage Apache Hadoop.
  5. >> And I'm Ian Wrigley, I'm Cloudera's senior curriculum manager. Between us,
  6. Sarah and I have been responsible for bringing Hadoop training to well
  7. over 20,000 people. And we're excited to bring it to a much
  8. larger audience with Udacity. So during
  9. this course, we're going to talk about what
  10. Big Data is? What Hadoop is? Why Hadoop's useful? And
  11. we're going to teach you how to write map reduce code.
  12. >> In fact, by the end of the
  13. course, you'll write a MapReduce program that efficiently processes
  14. a very large web server log. And by
  15. the end of lesson two, you'll already be running
  16. a MapReduce job in Apache Hadoop. So let's
  17. start. In this lesson we'll talk about what is
  18. Big Data. We'll talk about the problems that it
  19. creates, and then how Apache Hadoop addresses those problems.