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Security Nightmare - Software Debugging

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    Debugging statements left in the code may even come up with a security problem.
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    In Mac OS versions 10.7.2/10.7.3, there was a security issue because a programmer
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    had left debugging print statements in the code.
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    This would result in the following situation--you as a user would enter your password into the Mac
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    the Mac would then let you in or not let you in but at the same time would store your password
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    in the clear in, a log that would be visible for anyone--
  • 0:35 - 0:41
    anyone with access to the machine of course, and this again would require a password.
  • 0:41 - 0:46
    On a multi-user machine, for instance, or somebody having physical access to a hard drive,
  • 0:46 - 0:52
    a mean checker could not go and retrieve your password in the clear,
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    and that's simply because of some left debugging statement in there.
Security Nightmare - Software Debugging
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CS259 - Software Debugging
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