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  1. At this point lets go back to Oliver, and
  2. hear what else he asks in an interview.
  3. >> So I personally have a bunch of swift websites and
  4. blogs and things that I love to read on a regular basis,
  5. could you tell me about the ones that you like to read.
  6. >> Its interesting that Oliver asks this question in the interview.
  7. I think he does this because the list of swift related blogs and websites you
  8. read, show an advanced level of involvement with the Apple ecosystem.
  9. Now, I want you to think about this questions and
  10. then share your responses with us on the discussion forum.
  11. I do recognize though, that you are new to Swift.
  12. So you may not have much to share.
  13. But it's still good to see what other people are reading.
  14. And it helps to have those Swift resources book marked.
  15. By the way, Oliver has already posted his favorite Swift blogs on the forum.
  16. So here is your challenge one more time.
  17. Check this box to indicate you've either read or
  18. contributed to the discussion forum.
  19. To access the discussion forum, click on the link in the instructor notes.