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  1. All right, I'll take that as an action
    item and let's wrap this up.
  2. >> It's really cool that your fixed
    the battery issues on this phone.
  3. I finally can find all my friends.
  4. >> Oh yeah, I mean you know with
    the right tools and the right process
  5. it turns out turning your code from
    battery issues is really easy.
  6. >> There, there's still one bug left.
  7. You know this right?
  8. >> Oh really?
    >> It says that code has been stuck in
  9. there for 16 hours.
  10. >> Oh you caught that.
  11. Yeah.
    The truth is that's not really a bug.
  12. >> No?
    >> Yesterday we overheard these guys
  13. talking about managed
    memory environments.
  14. Like, they come for
    free in terms of performance.
  15. He completely flipped out so
    we had to lock him in the elevator.
  16. [SOUND].
  17. >> Now this place ain't so bad.
  18. Put some curtains in.
  19. Maybe a window over there.
  20. That would.
    Be bad.
  21. Some air.
    [NOISE] I just want to make apps faster.
  22. Is that so bad?
  23. [NOISE]
    We can do this.
  24. We can do this.
  25. I'll get you, Chris.
  26. Mark my words.