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  1. Now, let's say we have a random sample of ten people who each told us how
  2. many hours they slept the night before and
  3. their temporal memory score on the BBC test. Is
  4. there a relationship between these two variables? Well,
  5. it's very difficult to judge relationships based on
  6. just lists of data. So let's visualize it.
  7. This scatter plot visualizes the data in the table.
  8. Each point represents one row of the table.
  9. Here you can see that the hours slept
  10. was about five and the temporal memory score
  11. looked to be about 55. That must correspond
  12. to this row here, 556. You can see that hours slept is on the X axis and
  13. temporal memory score is on the Y axis. We call the variable on the X axis
  14. the independent variable or the predictor variable. And we call the variable on
  15. the Y axis the dependent variable, or
  16. the outcome. We're trying to predict temporal
  17. memory score, using hours slept. Now that
  18. you've sen this data visualized, what can
  19. we say about the relationship between hours
  20. slept and temporal memory score? This time
  21. this question might be easier to answer.