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  1. So, now that we know where turtle exists within Python, I
  2. want to return back to our code. By the way, I
  3. had to reduce the font size of the code a little
  4. bit, so we could see all of it in the same frame.
  5. Now, what we have done thus far is, created an instance
  6. of a class called turtle, we called it brad and brad draws
  7. a square. If we can do that, we can make another
  8. example or instance of the class turtle. And we can call it,
  9. let's say, angie. There it is. Now, I want angie to draw a circle.
  10. A circle of radius, let's say, 100. I also want angie's shape to be in
  11. the form of an arrow and I want angie's color to be blue. There
  12. it is. So, let me save and run this thing and see how it looks.
  13. Aha, it seems we have brad making a yellow square and
  14. angie making a blue circle. It seems like we are getting somewhere.