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  1. The term data science is actually pretty new to me
  2. as well, even though now I think about it, I have
  3. been doing data science since the day I was at
  4. in Taiwan doing a Masters in, in speech recognition. The way
  5. we would understand speech is to collect a lot of
  6. data and understand how to model things like a phoneme in
  7. speech. And how to understand you know, people's language processing
  8. requires a lot of data collection as well. And at Google,
  9. which is a company that collects a lot of data, I also did personalization
  10. there which requires a lot of data
  11. going in, you know, understanding a person's behavior.
  12. So, that to me is data science. Using data to build a useful model or
  13. to understand a particular pattern that is
  14. useful, then later on, for other software applications.