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Recitation Introduction for MIT 18.01SC, 18.02SC

Instructor: Christine Breiner, David Jordan, Joel Lewis

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  1. Hi. My name is Joel Lewis.
  2. At the time of this filming, in 2010,
  3. I'm a graduate student in the Math department at MIT
  4. and I'm also a TA for OCW Scholar 18.01 and 18.02.
  5. Hi, I'm Christine Brenner.
  6. I'm a Moore Instructor here at MIT, and for OCW Scholar,
  7. I'll be a teaching assistant for 18.01 and for 18.02.
  8. My name is David Jordan, and I'm a graduate student here at MIT.
  9. And I'm a TA for OpenCourseWare Scholar 18.02.
  10. I thought I would say a little bit about what we do with recitations here at MIT.
  11. The purpose of the recitations is for you to apply what you've learned in lecture
  12. toward solving specific, concrete problems, and then for you to compare your solutions
  13. to those problems with those of your TA.
  14. The purpose of the recitations on OCW Scholar is really the same purpose
  15. that David described for recitations here at MIT.
  16. What we want you to do is have an opportunity to work varying levels of problems,
  17. and then see us give detailed solutions to those problems so that you can see how we think about Mathematics.
  18. Almost all of our videos have a natural moment where you can pause after the problem's been stated
  19. and we really strongly suggest you work out the problem on a piece of paper
  20. before going back to the video and seeing our solutions.
  21. This will help you do Mathematics rather than be able just to see Mathematics.
  22. Hope you enjoy the course.