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  1. Now, we're going to talk
    about enchanting up, i.e. your boss.
  2. How do you enchant a boss,
    someone who works above you?
  3. I hate to tell you, but
    the way to do it is
  4. when your boss asks
    you to do something
  5. you drop everything and do
    what he or she asks. It is that simple.
  6. Most important
    lesson I could tell you
  7. right now as you
    enter the job market.
  8. If your boss asks you to do
    something, do it. It might be stupid.
  9. It might be
  10. You may
    think, "Well,
  11. I'm working on the manual.
    If I don't finish the manual
  12. we can't ship
    the product."
  13. Arguably, working on the
    manual is much more important
  14. than making a
    PowerPoint presentation.
  15. That's from
    your point of view.
  16. That might not be his or her
    point of view. Drop everything.
  17. Just do it!
  18. Second thing
    is prototype fast.
  19. Your boss gives you a project,
    says "I need this in a week."
  20. The next day, come
    back with a prototype.
  21. You want to come back with
    a prototype for 2 reasons.
  22. One, to show that you're
    really on top of things.
  23. You really did
    drop everything.
  24. Second thing is a
    prototype significantly increases
  25. the probability you
    will do the right thing.
  26. This is the prototype for
    what became this presentation.
  27. This is the level of specificity
    that I had. I had the text.
  28. I even had some sample pictures,
    and I sent it to a designer.
  29. I said, "This is the prototype.
    Now, you make it beautiful."
  30. Create a prototype.
  31. And the third thing is, you
    should always deliver bad news early.
  32. You should tell people bad news,
    particularly people you work for,
  33. something is going wrong.
  34. If you want to be a
    world-class enchanter,
  35. you not only tell people
    something is going wrong early,
  36. you also tell it with some
    suggested ways to fix the problem
  37. and that will
    enchant your boss.
  38. The next step is to enchant
    people who work for you
  39. because as you go up
    the corporate chain,
  40. you will have people
    working for you.
  41. This is how to make them very
    happy. First of all, you provide MAP.
  42. MAP stands for mastery,
    autonomy and purpose. Let me explain.
  43. Mastery means if you work for me,
    if you work for this organization,
  44. you will acquire new skills.
  45. You will master social media.
    You will master video editing.
  46. You will master programming.
    You will master writing, master selling.
  47. Whatever it is. So, we offer you
    an opportunity to improve yourself.
  48. You will be improving
    yourself autonomously.
  49. We are not going to
    micromanage you,
  50. and you're going to be doing
    these tasks. You'll be mastering things.
  51. You'll be working autonomously
    and at a higher purpose.
  52. This organization has
    a higher purpose.
  53. Productivity, creativity,
  54. peace of mind, ending
    pollution, whatever it is.
  55. We have a high purpose
    at this organization.
  56. If you do these
    three things,
  57. you will enchant
    people who work for you.
  58. The next thing,
    empower action.
  59. Basically, you're
    saying to people,
  60. "I trust you. I trust your judgment.
    I empower you to take action."
  61. Part of autonomous.
    Empower people to do things,
  62. and the third thing is you need
    to be willing to suck it up,
  63. meaning that you never
    ask people who work for you
  64. to do something that you,
    yourself would not do. Right?
  65. So, if you're asking someone
    to fly to Mumbai Coach,
  66. you better be willing to
    fly to Mumbai Coach, too.
  67. This is a picture of Mike Rowe
    of Dirty Jobs, enchanting person.
  68. What makes him enchanting
    is if you watch Dirty Jobs,
  69. he is willing to get
    into the sewer.
  70. He is willing to get into
    the muck and the dirt, and
  71. the crap and do whatever
    that crew also does.
  72. That's what makes Mike Rowe
    enchanting. He sucks it up.