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From Week 2 Lecture Videos of "Teaching goes massive: new skills required"
by Paul-Olivier Dehaye

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  1. Academics tend to look down at issues of
    copyright and ignore their implications.
  2. As a consequence, as a community, they
    make mistakes that can prove very costly.
  3. The most obvious example of these mistakes
    is with scientific publishing of papers.
  4. Let's look at the submission process
    for a paper in a mathematics journal.
  5. After I write that paper, my submission
    will follow the peer review process.
  6. A couple of other mathematicians
    will look at it to give a referee report,
  7. and a journal editor will decide to accept it
    or not, based on those reports.
  8. Neither the referees or the journal editor
    will be paid very much for this.
  9. If my paper gets accepted, most of the
  10. I have to cede copyright to the journal,
    I have to sign a contract.
  11. Then the paper gets published,
    university libraries around the world,
  12. including my own,
  13. that of the referees or the editor will
    buy a copy of the journal.
  14. I can't get it directly to them,
    or all the other universities
  15. because I don't own
    the copyright anymore.
  16. Because of this dominating position
    of publishers
  17. -- the owners of journals --
    most subscriptions are very expensive
  18. and charge a price that does not reflect
    the value added by the publisher.
  19. In fact, there is little work done
    by the publisher in mathematics.
  20. The state of the paper at the moment of
    submission is very close, visually,
  21. to the state at the moment of publication,
  22. because we are already using similar tools
    to edit formulas, as book copy editors.
  23. So in the end, the mathematics community
    pays publishers a lot of money
  24. for buying back their own work.
  25. It's a crazy system,
    but one that has evolved
  26. because academics
    did not pay attention
  27. and let their most prestigious brands,
    the historically most prestigious journals
  28. be bought by big
    publishing companies.
  29. [CC BY-SA
    Paul Olivier Dehaye]