What Do Al Roker and LinkedIn Have in Common?

Turns out – absolutely nothing! That’s because Al Roker doesn’t get LinkedIn and on the Today Show this morning, he made that absolutely clear. Even though I’m a huge fan of Al (as well as Willy Geist and Savannah Guthrie who shared in this on-air discussion) I must say there is a need for some major reeducation. My Wednesday co-host, Ken Herron, and I will be discussing this and so much more on today’s LinkedIn Lady Show.

For example, do you know the absolute WORST gift you can give kids for Christmas? It has to do with something that one company is offering in the area of social media and it is truly awful.

But there is some good news to share. Twitter’s new mobile App allows you to send photos using Direct Messaging (DM). What can we learn from Disney about training our customers to ‘check-in’ to your business on Facebook and Foursquare? And how your competitors can (and should) be your best weapons when it comes to improving your social footprint. Finally we’ll talk about the times TO and the times to NOT use automation in managing your social media accounts.