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Hatsune Miku - Alice (English & Romaji Subs)

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Alice is so cuuute! No, it would be a little sad song...

Original by 古川P (Furukawa-P)

Author's comment (translation):
First, there're two of they, who are the indiscretionary "A" and the "B" keeping an eye on A. It's a song by B's view. I don't know if A realized B's feeling.
They are always together, one helps or counts on another when facing troubles, but somehow they are not able to be in love with each other. B did reckless things, and lost lots of things.—
It's such a story. I think that there're persons who have experienced that in all of you.

"If you hear a sigh in this song, it means you have an experience which had passed your own happy summer."

A = a girl.
B = a boy.
"If you hear a sigh..." = a parody on a sentence of "Through the Looking-Glass". However, I've never read that book...

Translation lyrics:

So far away
It's no laughing story.
Someday, if I have gone away
Having fallen into a deep deep forest,
You must go alone there.

In tied hands, there is a soft body heat,
Fingers which held it have untied loosely,
Bells of a dry tone will be ringing.
You must go alone there.

As we are, two walk and are alone
Dissembled voice is quite brokenly.
Two are downcast eyes, there is one shadow
I must go alone there as well, you know?

You have fallen in faint love.
Bloomed flowers at a far tall cliff.
"Somehow I can't reach it," though you just know.
Next time, you must go alone there.

So far away
It's no laughing story.
Someday, if I have been gone away
Having fallen in a deep deep forest,
You must go alone there.

Since then I alone have walked, been solitary
And been worn out fully by dissembling.
I am downcast alone
In a golden room
I used to with you be staying there.

Having fallen into a deep forest I am
A dirty fruit which is black sooty.
That's all, the story is that alone.
You must go alone there.