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From Week 1 Lecture Videos of "Teaching goes massive: new skills required"
by Paul-Olivier Dehaye

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  1. So, how fast will these studies trickle to
    improvements on
  2. the MOOC format, or even improvements in
    education in general?
  3. Well, pretty fast, I would say.
  4. To explain this, I'll need to describe how
    startups work.
  5. Here's the startup iteration cycle.
  6. We see that we have a product, such as the
    Coursera portal for Coursera.
  7. It can be used to measure all kinds of
  8. That could be via A/B testing, for
  9. as I just explained, or maybe using other
  10. metrics, enrollment in a course or the
  11. on emails that have been sent to the
  12. Armed with all this data, the startup
  13. engineers can learn about areas that would
  14. improvement, and they can generate new
    ideas and things to do and build that in.
  15. The whole cycle is not groundbreaking,
  16. I'm not claiming it is.
  17. The difference is that this cycle is not
  18. by the usual very slow methodology of
    education research.
  19. Sure, this data can be spun off into
    papers, and that's what education
  20. researchers have to do, are currently
    doing, because that's what their job is.
  21. But, by the time those studies are
  22. published, the engineers will have already
  23. through several iterations of this cycle,
  24. the newly published results will already
    be obsolete.
  25. They'll, they will already have improved
    the platform.
  26. The big, big, difference with five years
    ago is that now education is the next area
  27. where software engineers can make an
    impact, and
  28. hundreds are working on making it more
  29. This is completely new, and you can expect
    it to show effects very, very fast.
  30. Just as for many other industries that you
    know of,
  31. such as the book industry, the travel
    industry, et cetera.