Twitter is Red Hot – is Not

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The LinkedIn Lady Show. My co-pilot, Ken Herron, VP of Marketing, Consumer Brands for Tourico Holidays, and I have much to share.

Of course, top of the list, we are on the eve of the Twitter IPO and the social world, media world, and finance world is all-a-twitter (pun intended)! What will the price be? Will they suffer the same early stumble that Facebook experienced? Should I invest? We’ll give you our opinion – but know it is only that – no insider information here!

On a more sober topic, has been in the news and not in a good way. Maybe you never heard of them, but if you are a marketer or a parent, then listen up – this alert is for you!

On a practical front, we are going to share Guy Kawasaki’s latest tips on promoting your product on social media. But don’t be surprised to hear that Guy still advocates emphasis on building your brand relationships before you focus on sales.

To further support his recommendations, we found a great research study from AdobeMktgCloud that will provide guidance on how to transform your business results using sponsored links on Twitter, inline ads on Facebook, and retail placement on Pinterest.