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  1. So this is a rather short presentation
  2. on 7 slides. It was originally planned
  3. for a lightning talk, but i managed to
  4. hand in my proposal too late, so....
  5. Ok, so i am presenting today:
  6. DUCK, the Debian URL checker.
  7. The reason why i made this is exactly this:
  8. You see a debcheckout here, with bugs
  9. showing that it basically does not work.
  10. This was in a time where i tried to increase
  11. my involvement into Debian, and i felt like:
  12. This should be fixed somehow.
  13. In the debian/control file are several URLs defined
  14. e.g. ths Vcs-Git: URL, or the Vcs-Browser: URL,
  15. which in this case shows me:
  16. "No repository found". Probabyl you have already
  17. seen such a screen.
  18. So the basic idea behind DUCK is:
  19. I check those links and entries in the control-file
  20. on a daily basis. Currently we have about ~2300
  21. packages which have broken URLs. These are eiter
  22. homepages, or problems with the email addresses
  23. of the maintainers or some other problems with
  24. URLs. There is also a package availabe which you
  25. can run locally and also show you informations about problems with links.
  26. I also made a challenge. So if you fix one of
  27. your packages until the end of DebConf 15
  28. you get one of those awsome lighters. I know this is
  29. a very short time announcement , but i have still a
  30. bag of lighters here. And if your really promise me
  31. hard to fix your stuff you can take one out.
  32. Thank you!