Effective Marketing is Like Assembling a Puzzle

I just returned from a speaking engagement at Author101, but my greatest value was hearing all the other speakers! What a line-up – Brendon Burchard, Peggy McColl, Tom Antion, Rachel Hanfling, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, Alex Carroll, Gary Goldstein, Laura Atchison, Starley Murray, Kathy Stover, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Patryk & Kasia Wezowski, Roberto Candelaria, Marsha Wieder, and more! Some of the names may not be familiar to you, but each is an expert in their field.

What I want to share with my listeners today are some of the highlights from Author101 because every topic shared from the stage has practical application to your business AND to your social media strategy.

What will you hear? How to kick-start your publicity campaign; best pre-pitch questions to get on TV; what agents and publishers are looking for; how radio interviews can transform your business and help you sell books; tips on self- rather than traditional publishing; staying current with keywords; how micro expressions communicate your real feelings and attitudes; the steps to building a best-seller campaign; why speaking is essential to your success; tips on finding and securing sponsors; and more!