Are You Driving Business to Your Competitors?

That’s a scary question but one that business owners need to face squarely if they want to stay competitive. Of course, you hear from me consistently the viability of social media as part of a sound marketing strategy. But you will not be able to grow in the coming years without a strong mobile plan also.

Today’s guests, Peggy Anne Salz and Paul Berney are among the top influencers on this subject and will be sharing their latest information as well as some practical tips on upping your mobile game. Here’s an interesting statistic for local businesses. Google states that 70% of search on mobile today is spontaneous – and 35-40% of those searches are geo-centric. Your next customer could be a block away but if they can’t find you on their mobile device, they could walk the other way.

Think of it this way. People Click to Find – Click to Do – Click to Buy. What do you need to know and do to position yourself to capture your fair share of this exploding market?