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← To the Children of Palestine

Age Category 13-17 | Bangladesh

By Chowdhury Mohammad Sayedul Abrar, Samar Marwan, Salman Sakib Shahryar

PLURAL+ 2017 Honorary Award

This short animation film is an apology to the children of Palestine on behalf of global citizens who care about humanity.

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  1. Dear children of Palestine,
  2. I am sorry.
  3. My apology is nothing to you
    in your life full of misery,
  4. but I want you to know that I'm sorry.
  5. I'm deeply sorry that even
    your birthday was full of bloodshed.
  6. I'm sorry that the beach which was
    your playground one day
  7. is now awash with blood.
  8. I'm sorry that they use your lives
    to take political advantage.
  9. I'm sorry that they took the colours
    out of your childhood.
  10. I'm sorry that they gladly broadcast
    the news of your death.
  11. Nobody even cares about it.
  12. I'm sorry that they despise you,
  13. but I want you to know
    that not all of us are like that.
  14. I'm sorry that they don't know your name,
  15. don't know how good you are at maths
  16. or which flavour of ice-cream
    you like the most.
  17. They don't know that you have dreams too.
  18. I’m sorry that you couldn’t
    even meet your mother,
  19. who died giving birth to you
    at some checkpost.
  20. I’m sorry that you have been in prison,
    in the largest outdoor prison of the world
  21. ever since you were born.
  22. I’m sorry that you are no longer
    terrified of gunshots and bombings.
  23. I’m deeply sorry
  24. that you’ve learned to bury the grief
    of losing your loved ones
  25. before you even learned to read.
  26. I’m sorry that the leaders who destroyed
    your childhood don’t feel guilty about it.
  27. I’m sorry that you will know
    how the normal life of a suburb is,
  28. well, because you grew up
    at a refugee camp.
  29. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to know
    the divine feeling of first love
  30. or the pain of breakup.
  31. I’m sorry that the only pain
    of rejection you’ve faced
  32. is the world turning their back on you.
  33. I’m sorry that they don’t let you
    travel the world.
  34. I’m sorry that they are always ready
    to fill your life with trouble.
  35. I am sorry that they destroyed your home
  36. and your childhood photo
    is lying under the rubbles.
  37. I’m sorry that you have to stake
    your life for attending school.
  38. Maybe once you went there only to find
    the ruins of your school building
  39. and the dead body of your beloved friend.
  40. I’m sorry that maybe you won’t
    even be alive to read this letter.
  41. Maybe you will have to leave
    this world sooner.
  42. Maybe I won't get the chance to meet you.
  43. I’m sorry that the world
    lost their humanity,
  44. I'm sorry that they're not listening.
  45. I'm truly sorry.
  46. Love,
    Those who are holding onto our humanity.