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Watch this video to learn about how to block and report objectionable content Flickr and help us keep Flickr a safe, enjoyable community.

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  1. Filter, block, or report content on Flickr
  2. At Yahoo, we make your daily habits inspiring and entertaining
  3. The ability to share with one another and take an active part in the community
  4. is an important part of enjoying your experience using Flickr
  5. We’re all different and in communities with so many perspectives, you may see things you don’t like or don’t agree with
  6. If you come across topics you find offensive, words you don’t like, or if you just don’t want to see something, ...
  7. Yahoo provides tools to help you tailor the content you see
  8. In Flickr, you can tailor what you see with SafeSearch or you can block someone
  9. Set up SafeSearch filters to show you only what is safe for a global, public audience when you search or browse
  10. Filter with SafeSearch
  11. Click “Settings” from your buddy icon
  12. Go to the Privacy and Permissions tab, scroll down to the Content filters section,
  13. and click “edit” next to SafeSearch
  14. Select “SafeSearch on” and click “Save Changes”
  15. If you don’t want someone to see your content and interact with you, you can block them
  16. People you block are removed as your contacts and you’re removed as theirs
  17. They can’t comment on your photos or albums, add your photos to galleries or as favorites,
  18. blog them, or add notes or tags
  19. They also can’t add you to photos or send you FlickrMail
  20. To block someone, click his name
  21. Select “Block” from the “more” menu
  22. Select the check box and click “Block”
  23. At times, you may see more serious issues that you feel Yahoo needs to review
  24. If you see something like this, we encourage you to report them to us
  25. We review reports and take appropriate action
  26. To report serious issues, click the photo you want to report
  27. At the bottom of the page, click “Report Abuse”
  28. Select “Other Concerns” from the menu, enter any additional details, and click “Send”
  29. We hope these steps help you continue to enjoy using Flickr