Use Social Media to Serve and Support Our Military

I could not think of a better time than Memorial Day weekend to discuss the use of social media as it relates to the men and women serving our country in all branches of the military. This is my small way of honoring those who are serving now as well as those who have served our country in the past.

It should be no surprise to you that social media platforms and other digital tools have become essential to families that are separated by deployment. I did a little research and found that the every military branch as well as the Dept. of Defense has gone out of their way to publish guidelines on the proper use of digital channels and encourage families to take advantage of every platform available.

Today we will talking about how civilians can engage in the conversation and show support by bringing much needed news, awareness and humor to the lives of those who are defending our freedom every day and often feel isolated from the world.

I also want to share a list of Safety Tips for Using Social Networking Sites that were published by What you will discover that these tips are applicable to all of us whether using social media for personal or business purposes.