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  1. These are my thoughts
    on the 2016 Presidential election.
  2. [Slow guitar]
  3. It was all a show, it was all a show.
    It was all a show.
  4. [Slow guitar]
  5. Yo. [Drums]
    [Rap beat]
  6. You could never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  7. You could never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon!
  8. You could never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  9. Fuck Dillary Trumplon
  10. Fuck Dillary Trump
  11. There is a show going on outside
    I know that something's up
  12. I'll start the song off with you Donald,
    you f'in duck
  13. A tiny mind, and a mouth
    I'd be more than happy to muzzle shut
  14. Racism in America, seems that
    you got it bubblin' up
  15. all the way to the point that
    it's 'bout to overflow,
  16. a narcissistic jerk-off who at any
    moment will blow his load
  17. all over the Constitution.
    I'm sorry but I just hope they know
  18. that a mf'in trash can is a
    better place to go throw their vote.
  19. Your ideas, they scare me, but
    what's absurd is that
  20. you're able to brainwash these
    Americans and have 'em blurt it back
  21. "Let's make America great again"
    but the disturbing fact is just
  22. like Barnum & Bailey,
    you're nothing more than a circus act.
  23. [Pres. Trump voice] "Knock the crap
    out of him, would you? Seriously."
  24. "Damn, I cannot wait for the day
    that I get in the office."
  25. "Deport those Mexicans. That's gonna
    solve all of our problems."
  26. "And while I'm at it, I'm gonna be
    spending billions of dollars
  27. oppressing Muslim-Americans and
    building a wall that's stretchin'
  28. right up to heaven. What an excellent
    play. Don't care about the consequences
  29. that this rhetoric makes. When I'm
    in a position where I'll be the one
  30. regretting mistakes, I'll be
    building that f'in wall,
  31. and makin' Mexico pay.
    Now, that just seems like
  32. it's the greatest idea.
    Paint your religion far more vicious
  33. than it's able to appear.
    Divide and conquer is my agenda,
  34. and I'm makin' it clear.
    I'm spewin' out ignorance,
  35. racism, hatred, and fear.
    The funny part? That these idiots
  36. eat it up like it's apple pie.
    Protest my rally, you'll be leavin' there
  37. with a blackened eye.
    Not one thing that comes
  38. out of my mouth could ever
    baffle my supporters,
  39. 'cause they're all too stupid
    to see that I'm asinine."
  40. I know you're asinine.
    You're just a trash talker.
  41. They think you're god.
    I can see through you
  42. like glass, Donald.
    A bully, a bigot,
  43. you're the most
    headless of horsemen.
  44. David Dukes endorses you,
    yet you refuse to condemn
  45. his endorsements.
    Islam can't hold its laughter
  46. inside when terror is the word
    that you use to categorize them.
  47. Bomb the middle east to shit
    and only shatter their lives in.
  48. George and Barack did.
    It only radicalized them.
  49. Your ideas, they are as useless
    as a degree from your college.
  50. You stepped on so many different necks
    to make it fill up your pockets.
  51. You have the nerve to say your success
    due to your skill or your knowledge?
  52. I mean you only started off with a small
    loan of a million dollars.
  53. Right? [Slow guitar]
    Corny-ass mf'er. [Slow guitar]
  54. You may be rich with dollars, but
    you're poor in taste.
  55. I wanna hock a f'in loogie
    in your orange face.
  56. You'll never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  57. You can never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  58. You could never get me to vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  59. F Dillary Trumplon.
  60. [Music stops]
    [Rap beat]
  61. And it's a shame to see
    Democracy get set on a shelf,
  62. when you gotta pick between
    that buffoon and the devil herself.
  63. Sharper fangs than a snake's mouth.
    Well who could it be?
  64. I'm savin' the rest of this ammunition
    for you Hillary.
  65. We are so foolish to be casually
    casting our vote
  66. for a corporate war criminal
    that will slash any throat
  67. of anybody that came between her
    and her foulest of goals
  68. to reside inside of that white mansion
    and now have control
  69. A demon in disguise, it's scary
    as scary can get.
  70. Well Bernie beat you, but you already
    had your narrative set.
  71. To waltz up in the Oval Office
    really scares me to death.
  72. 'Cause like Obama, you're nothin' more
    than a marionette.
  73. [Hillary laughter]
  74. "Y'know, I cannot wait
    to eat that Presidential puddin'
  75. Sign the TPE even though
    I said that I wouldn't
  76. And of course Bernie won,
    but you really think he'd defeat me?
  77. Tim Kaine stepped down as chairman
    so he could become my V.P.
  78. which made Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    head of the D. N. G.
  79. She had NSA at the convention
    when Wikileaks leaked
  80. 20,000 emails and data showed
    that we'd been riggin' the primaries
  81. in my favor, from the beginning.
    I appear to be loving and gentle
  82. but under the shell I'm dour.
    Really think that I'm interested
  83. in anything other than wealth
    and power?
  84. No matter what kinda dirt you could be
    throwin' against me,
  85. in the end we cannot afford
    a Donald Trump presidency."
  86. A feminist progressive
    steady gettin' them checks
  87. from governments that lynch gays
    and stone women to death.
  88. These puzzle pieces of malice
    just fill it in if you can
  89. from the coup in the Honduras
    to the child soldiers in the Sudan.
  90. Get the [?] notion
    apparently that we need her
  91. this woman's far more evil
    than America can perceive her.
  92. It's scarin' me out my seat,
    we could get away with treason
  93. Men committing election fraud
    on a scale that we've never seen it.
  94. It's clear this country's been under
    another foreign attack
  95. bailin' out the big banks
    with [?] on our back
  96. [?] supporters
    deplorable this, deplorable that
  97. You voted for The Patriot Act
    and the war in Iraq
  98. So take the gun Miss Donald Trump
    go and hold it to my head
  99. Say "Abracadabra," think that
    I'll vote for you instead
  100. Your two party system's broken
    gotta say my faith is busted
  101. well f you, Hillary Rodham Clinton
    and your rapist husband.
  102. [Slow guitar]
  103. That's it.
    That is exactly why
  104. I will never vote
    for Dillary Trumplon.
  105. [Three guitar strums]
  106. The lesser of two evils
    is still evil.
  107. [Guitar speeds up]
  108. Mr. Trump,
    you can never get me to vote for
  109. Dillary Trumplon
  110. So, suck my d I won't vote for
    Dillary Trumplon.
  111. Thank you for listening.