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LOTR The Return of the King - Arwen's Vision

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On her way to the Grey Havens to leave Middle-Earth, Arwen has a vision of her future son with Aragorn and decides to turn back to Rivendell. (HD Blu-ray)

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Tags: Rivendell Elrond Voiceover Take her by the safest road A ship lies anchored in the Grey Havens It waits to carry her across the Sea The last journey of Arwen Undomiel Arwen has a vision of sees her future child son Eldarion with Aragorn in Minas Tirith Eldarion wears Evenstar pendant Arwen cries tears Elrond There is nothing for you here only death Figwit Bret McKenzie Lady Arwen we cannot delay My lady Arwen rides back to Rivendell Arwen Tell me what you have seen You have the gift of foresight What did you see Elrond I looked into your future and I saw death Arwen But there is also life You saw there was a child You saw my son Elrond That future is almost gone Arwen But it is not lost Elrond Nothing is certain Arwen Some things are certain If I leave him now I will regret it forever It is time Elrond teary cries