Is it Smart for your Business to be Stupid on Social Media?

It has been a wild and crazy week with big announcements in the social media world. In case you haven’t been tuned in, let Ken Herron and I update you today at 4 pm EST on The LinkedIn Lady Show.

Here are some of the news items and topics of interest we will cover: Have you heard what Motorola is up to? Yes, Motorola – not a company we often talk about, this is definitely newsworthy – how about a Google lie-detecting tattoo you sport on your throat?

Less creepy and more useful is TweetDeck’s new feature to help you create custom timelines so you can stay on top of tweets you really care about. What’s up with MySpace? The answer seems to be more down than up! And you know how much Ken and I love Vine and it’s been great for iOS and Android users but what about Windows phone owners – well, take heart – the new Vine app for Windows is here!

Now for the headline of todays show. What is the difference between smart, funny and silly versus stupid, offensive and dumb? As we evolve our social media habits, it’s easy to be more and more casual in our posts, but there is a line you don’t want to cross.