Are You Going Social During the Holidays?

The compelling question of the day is: how are you going to modify your online social interaction during the holidays? I’ve been talking with friends in the industry and there is a wide variety of answers to that question – starting with ‘it depends.’ Today’s show will give you some things to think about as you decide for yourself.

Are you using Instagram but frustrated with its limitation? Well, today’s show will give you a few of the best Apps to enhance your pics so that you stand out and get noticed for your efforts. Features like auto-enhance, cropping, old-time effects, red-eye reduction, tilt shift, filters, round images, and adding text.

Most excited to interview Heather Hansen O’Neill and Norman Prevost who will be hosting a brand new show on All Business Radio Network. The Inspired Team Leader will help businesses, leaders, project managers, and team members learn the ins and outs of bringing a shared vision to reality. You will definitely want to add this show to your list of must subscribe. It will air Friday at 12 noon EST.