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  1. Ramadan in Medenine - Tunisia
  2. Sweets of Ramadan
  3. People usually buy
  4. the Mkharek and Jalebi especially
  5. which are considered
    the most common sweets
  6. but other kinds are also bought,
  7. such as Makroudh
  8. And how are the prices?
  9. They are moderate and everyone
  10. buys according to their capability
  11. Not everyone can afford a Kilogram
  12. instead, they purchase small quantities
  13. You have many types of sweets!
  14. Would you tell us their names?
  15. This is called Samsah
  16. and this is the Tataouinian Mahshi
  17. this is Delba,
    also called the "Ear of the Judge"
  18. it has many names
  19. and there are two kinds of Makroudh
  20. this is the Baklava,
  21. all these are especially made
    according to their demand.
  22. Many of us open our stores at 4 am
  23. I'm usually here around 6 or 7.
  24. Greengrocers start working
    earlier than us, the butchers.
  25. the prices are not bad
  26. and customers eager to stock
  27. on everything this year,
    thank God for that
  28. There are many customers,
  29. and it is easy to find meat as well.
  30. I bought some groceries
  31. some chopped meat, potatoes and carrots
  32. some yogurt, raisin and fruits
  33. Thank you, I wish you a blessed Ramadan
  34. Thanks, to you too.