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Afficher la révision 3 créée 10/15/2018 par Buzbee.

  1. Hey, guys!
  2. It's 2012.
  3. [Electronic music begins.]
  4. We finally made it.
  5. So, is the world gonna end?
  6. Are we gonna get attacked by aliens?
  7. Global warming?
  8. Is a planet gonna -- come, and
  9. hit our planet,
    and we're gonna explode?
  10. Who knows?
  11. But I do know one thing.
  12. [Music gets louder]
  13. No matter what happens,
  14. everything's gonna be all right.
  15. [Music zoom.]
  16. [Percussive electronic music.]
  17. I'm scared that
    the world's gonna end,
  18. now that we're past
    2000 and eleven.
  19. Did ya hear that
    the Mayans said this year
  20. is the last year?
  21. So we got somethin' to fear.
  22. Aliens gonna come down from space.
  23. Tearin' up the place,
    beating up that base.
  24. The boom-boom rockets
    all up in your face.
  25. What we gonna do?
  26. Do you think it's really true?
  27. [Boy band sound]
  28. One day
  29. when this world will end,
  30. (This world will end)
  31. we'll see the light coming from above.
  32. (Above)
  33. Together, we
  34. will take a stand,
  35. [auto tune] and everything
    will be all right.
  36. [Rap] I don't believe that
  37. hocus-pocus.
  38. UFOs and aliens
    don't exist.
  39. That's just my opinion
  40. so don't be pissed.
  41. If you believe that shiz
  42. then press desist.
  43. 'Cause y'all need help,
  44. 'cause y'all is crazy.
  45. Partyin' 'til midnight,
  46. 'cause then my baby.
  47. Party fun. Party fun.
  48. Party party fun fun.
  49. Party party hun hun.
  50. Shake your, shake your
    bun bun.
  51. [Nasal singing] They use the ports.
  52. They use the light sabers.
  53. They from the future.
  54. They use the light saber.
  55. [Vader voice] Future.
    We from the future.
  56. This is crazy!
  57. This is so crazy.
  58. [Boy band sound]
  59. One day
  60. when this world will end,
  61. (When this world will end)
  62. we'll see the light coming from above,
  63. (Above)
  64. Together we
  65. will take a stand,
  66. [auto tune] and everything
    will be all right.
  67. [Drums]
  68. [Gravely voice]
  69. I gotta make some
  70. resolutions.
  71. Go on a date.
  72. Maybe lose some weight.
  73. Global warming?
  74. More like global stupid.
  75. The world's not gonna end.
  76. What do you think,
  77. you can, like, tell the future,
    or something?
  78. [Boy band sound]
  79. One day
  80. when this world will end
  81. (This world will ennnnd!)
  82. We'll see the light coming from above.
  83. Together we
  84. (Together we)
  85. will take a stand,
  86. (will take a stand)
  87. [auto tune] and everything
    will be all right.
  88. [Drum riff.]
  89. Beeee allll riiiight.
  90. (Whooaaaaa ohhh ohhhh)
  91. Be all right.
  92. (Ohhh ohh ohhhhh)
  93. Beeee allll riiiight.
  94. Ohhh-ohhhh-ohh!
  95. [Spoken] Everything's
    gonna be all right!
  96. [Auto tune] Beee allll riiiight!
  97. (Whoaaa ohhh ohhhh!)
  98. Thanks for sticking with me, everybody!
  99. Last year was awesome,
  100. and this year is gonna be
    even better.
  101. (Whoa ohh ohhh,
    ohh ohh ohhh)
  102. Big things are
    coming your way.
  103. [Percussion]
  104. I'll see ya soon!
  105. Bye!
  106. [Surf music instrumental.]