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From the Cloud Computing Concepts Course (University of Ilinois) on Coursera

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  1. Hello everyone,
  2. I want to thank you
    for, uh, joining me
  3. on this, uh, journey through
    Cloud Computing Concepts.
  4. This is the first part
  5. of the Cloud Computing
    Concepts course,
  6. which is a two part course.
  7. Uh, this course here
  8. is about the internals
    of cloud computing.
  9. This means that
    we'll go underneath the hood
  10. and look at the distributed systems concepts,
  11. and the distributed algorithms,
  12. and the distributed techniques,
  13. that underlie today's
    cloud computing technologies.
  14. This course is not about
    how to write cloud systems
  15. or cloud applications.
  16. There is a separate course,
  17. uh, that's coming up,
    called Cloud Applications.
  18. Uh, and, uh, this course
    is not about networking either,
  19. in the cloud.
  20. There's a separate course
  21. called Cloud Networking
    that's coming up,
  22. uh, that's about networking inside the Cloud.
  23. Uh, both, uh, w-well all
    of these courses,
  24. the Cloud Computing
    Concepts course, this course,
  25. both parts, as well as,
    the Cloud Applications course
  26. and the Cloud Networking course
  27. are part
    of a Cloud Specialization,
  28. which is being offered,
    uh, to students.
  29. What we'll discuss in this
    cloud computing concepts course,
  30. uh, both part one
    and part two is, uh,
  31. three things.
  32. Uh, concepts
  33. that underlie today's
    cloud computing systems,
  34. especially,
    distributed systems concepts.
  35. Uh, techniques, uh,
    that are used, uh,
  36. fairly widely, in a variety
  37. of cloud computing
    systems today.
  38. And we'll also, uh,
  39. while discussing concepts
    and techniques, uh, look at, uh,
  40. some facets and some aspects
    of industry systems
  41. including open source systems,
  42. uh, like Hadoop and NoSQL storage systems and many others.
  43. So the cloud competing
    concepts course
  44. is really a mix
    of distributed systems, uhh,
  45. er, with a mix
    of distributed algorithms.
  46. And both of these combined
    as applied, uh,
  47. to cloud computing systems
    as they are today.
  48. So what we'll discuss
    in this first part,
  49. the first five week, uh,
  50. part of the Cloud Computing Concepts course.
  51. Eh, first we'll have
    an introduction to Clouds,
  52. what they are,
  53. why they are, the way they are.
  54. Uh, we'll look at Mapreduce
    and Key-value stores,
  55. uh, two of the, uh, emerging, subareas of cloud computing.
  56. Then we look at some
    of the precursors,
  57. previous generations
    of cloud computing systems,
  58. like Peer-to-peer systems
    and Grids,
  59. that, uh, are ancestors,
  60. parents of, uh,
    today's cloud computing systems.
  61. Then we'll, uh,
    go underneath the hood
  62. and start to look at
    widely used algorithms,
  63. for Gossip, Membership,
    Paxos for consensus,
  64. uh, and also
    classical algorithms, including,
  65. Time and Ordering, Snapshots, and, uh, Multicast.
  66. Along the way, uh,
    in some weeks,
  67. we'll have interviews
    with leading managers
  68. and researchers from industry, as well as, academia,
  69. uh, and I hope these will be interesting to you, as well.
  70. The, um, uh,
  71. the course is structured so that you can learn as you move along,
  72. uh, so there are two home works,
  73. uh, spread throughout
    the course,
  74. uh, uh, as well as,
    a programming assignment.
  75. The programming assignment
    is optional.
  76. It involves, uh,
    writing code inside an emulator.
  77. In the first part of C3,
    uh, course,
  78. uh, you will be writing, uh,
    a membership protocol
  79. inside an emulator
    that we will provide to you.
  80. We'll provide you the template,
  81. the C++ template
    and you can write it.
  82. Again, the programming assignment is optional.
  83. The two required, uh,
    portions of this course
  84. are the two home works
    and the one final exam.
  85. Well, cloud computing is
    an exciting area to be studying,
  86. to be working in.
  87. And, uh,
  88. it is also a very dynamic
    and continuously changing area.
  89. And that's what, uh,
  90. that's part of what
    makes it exciting, as well.
  91. I'm really looking forward
    to working with you
  92. and interacting with you
  93. as this course
    move al-moves along.
  94. Uh, come join me as we start
    our tour of the cloud computing
  95. concepts landscape.