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    Popullar 'How to videos' No 1 of 4
    Uploading videos to YouTube
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  2. [Off voice] Welcome to the Popullar How To videos.
    This is Part 1, How to Upload Videos onto YouTube.
  3. Now, what we've already done is logged into the Popullar web account - YouTube account.
  4. Ican't actually show the logins because obviously we don't want the whole world to see the passwords
  5. and they'll be sent to you directly by e-mail.
  6. So we've already logged in and then we can - we want to upload this.
  7. There is an upload button here and over here.
  8. So, we just click upload and the upload introduction page comes: there it is.
  9. And we have to select files from our computer: these are the videos we want to upload.
  10. So we click that one - we select the video we want, which is this one.
  11. It's actually from another project, so it won't be totally appropriate here, but never mind.
  12. And we're going to open that and then up comes the uploading box.
  13. Now, this is where we'll be able to see how we're uploading,
  14. But what we do need to do is put in a title. So let's put "School X" and then the name of the video.
  15. And we have to put a description: I'm just going to copy this for now.
  16. And we can put tags in as well to help people find our video.
  17. You can see we're almost halfway already uploading here.
  18. Then we have to select our privacy options.
  19. Now if you've already got permissions from parents, you can leave it as public.
  20. Otherwise, it's advisable to put it as unlisted - not private,
  21. because that means that it's very difficult for other people to view it.
  22. We need to choose a category - let's see: we're going to put in education.
  23. And I'd like you to - we'd like you to change the license from the Standard YouTube License
  24. to the second one here, called Creative Commons Attribution.
  25. That allows us - I mean it's much more easily for us to copy.
  26. OK. We save those changes
  27. and the video has already finished uploading: that's all being saved
  28. and we can actually click on the link that's already - changed the video for us.
  29. And here's the video, ready to view.
  30. Just wait for that to come: it always takes a few seconds
  31. and here is the video.
  32. I'm going to stop that and finish this video.
  33. And thank you very much for watching this first video by Popullar in How-to series.
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