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Afficher la révision 2 créée 02/02/2020 par joannamob.

  1. Because technically it would still be the same sector
  2. I don't know if that makes sense
  3. It makes perfect sense
  4. You want to make the most of your skills
  5. by using your experience
  6. To help with an innovative project
  7. Exactly
  8. Well, that's wise of you
  9. You're a bit stressed aren't you?
  10. Well, it's going very well let me reassure you
  11. Well you only get one shot at first impressions
  12. Well, let me assure you
  13. THe you've made a good first impression
  14. God, I'm being so slimy
  15. Why am I trying so hard to put him at ease?
  16. Oh god, it's because he's black
  17. Glass of water?
  18. That's it! I'm being all kind because he's black
  19. No, no that's ridiculous
  20. Shit, it's full of white people
  21. Not one single black person
  22. Not even an arab
  23. Nothing
  24. Everyone is white
  25. And what do you like about the company?
  26. I think there's a real company culture
  27. I only recruit white people
  28. It seems like a company that cares for its employees
  29. I'm a racist
  30. Which makes you want to fight for the company
  31. Well we're looking for a fighter
  32. No, no, I choose people based on ability
  33. That's all
  34. You can't expect me to start hiring people for their skin colour
  35. Can you?
  36. Unfortunately certain companies
  37. Still want to hold us back
  38. What do you mean by that?
  39. That in some companies
  40. race is still an issue
  41. Especially in customer facing roles
  42. Race? An issue?
  43. I mean old-fashioned companies
  44. Not yours
  45. I should think so
  46. Fuck, he's noticed that everyone's white
  47. It's not my fault
  48. I'd love to hire some black people
  49. I like them
  50. Well it's not that I like them
  51. But I don't care that they're black
  52. Oh god, I can't do this
  53. So where are you at?
  54. You left your last job...
  55. No, no, I'm still working
  56. What's he on about?
  57. Okay, so I see you manage a small team
  58. Tell me about that
  59. Well I wouldn't really call it managing
  60. Come on, he could at least be coherent with his CV
  61. It's all very well to be nice
  62. But there are limits to positive discrimination
  63. I'm going to be honest
  64. What's missing
  65. Is international experience
  66. I have international experience
  67. Four years in London
  68. That's enough.
  69. That's not my CV
  70. No, no, think of something, quick, quick, an idea
  71. Save yourself, find something
  72. Oh god, no no no, I want to die
  73. Say something
  74. Yes, I can explain everything
  75. It's because you look so alike
  76. No, not that, not that
  77. I know lots of...
  78. No, yes?
  79. The photocopier
  80. Yes, that's it, it was the photocopier
  81. Fuck, fuck
  82. THis is awful, this is awful, this is awful
  83. Kim!
  84. Yes! Kim! That's it!
  85. COme here,
  86. You alright mate?
  87. Vietnamese Kim
  88. You should come round for dinner soon
  89. You're always welcome
  90. That's my boy
  91. That, for example
  92. You've got the job
  93. Really?
  94. You're pathetic
  95. You're great, you're really really great