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Mooji - Avadhuta Gita

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(Mooji is reading the Avadhuta Gita book).
I have no birth, no death, and no duties. I have never done anything either good or bad. I am purely Brahman the Absolute beyond all qualities. How could either the bondage or the liberation exists for me ? If God is all pervading, immovable, whole, without any parts, then there is no division in this God at all. How then, could he be regarded as within or even without ? The whole universe is shining as one, without any split or break, or separate parts. The idea of Maya, the great illusion, is itself the great delusion. Duality and non-duality are really concepts of the mind. The world of form and the formless void, neither of these exists independently. In the One, there is neither separation nore union. Truly there is nothing but Shiva-consciousness alone.
I have no mother, or father, or brother. I have no wife, or husband or son, or friend. I have no attachements or non-attachements. How then, do you justify this anxiety of mind. Oh mind ! There is neither the day of manifestation nore the night of dissolution. My continuous light neither rises nore sets. How could a wiseman sincerely believe that the formless existence is affected by forms ? It is not undivided, nore is it divided. It experiences neither sorrow, nore joy. It is not the universe, nore is it not the universe. Understand that the Self is eternally One.