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Yahoo has recently made new updates to make Yahoo Answers simpler to navigate, easier to use, and more personalized for you.

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  1. Have a question about homework, a recipe, or any other topic?
  2. Yahoo Answers is still the place to go
  3. We've added new features to make asking and answering easier and more personalized
  4. Now you can ask your question, and add multimedia, all from the home page in the upper right corner
  5. It's easier than ever to find new questions about your favorite and popular topics
  6. Have an answer?
  7. Share what you know using the new inline answer feature
  8. The Discover and Answer tabs make it easy to find hot topics in the Answers community
  9. Now you can customize questions that you want to see in your streams
  10. so you can browse your favorite categories quickly and easily
  11. The Notifications center makes Yahoo Answers personalized to you
  12. Stay updated on new responses to your questions and topics you're interested in
  13. Come see how Yahoo Answers is simpler and more personalized for you