Express Yourself

The launch of All Business Radio Network is only a few weeks away and today I’m thrilled to introduce one of our new hosts so you can get a teaser about her show and her amazing expertise.

For over 20 years Reesa Woolf has mentored 1000’s of corporate professionals and delivered entertaining keynote speeches at conventions all over the globe. She is recognized as someone significant in bringing out her clients’ best performance…permanently! Her background includes bring honored as a Senior Trainer in two significant C-Suite Leadership organizations – the American Management Association and Drake, Beam, Morin, Executive Career Coaching. Her PhD in psychology contributes to lowering people’s speaking and work stress.

Her new show, The Executive Business Seminar, will cover all aspects of business communications – from the boardroom to the platform – from the meeting room to the conference room. Today I’ll be asking Reesa to share some hints on why and how to become a better speaker; how to overcome the fear of speaking to larger groups; and of course, what we can expect from her new radio show.