We Speak in Public Every Day – So Why the Fear?

With traditional reliance on marketing and contemporary focus on social networking online, we often forget that our most powerful marketing is ourselves. But for many, the barriers we put up prevent us from effectively communicating our message to the very people who are waiting and wanting your product or service.

Public speaking can be your most powerful weapon or the weapon you turn on yourself which can kill your business. Today’s guest is the very special Wendy Lipton-Dibner, a two-time bestselling author and internationally recognized authority in the psychosocial factors that move people to action. She is the President of Professional Impact, Inc. and founder of Move People to action System for Experts and Entrepreneurs. Along the way, Wendy built 10 successful businesses serving every industry from healthcare to hair care.
Today we will be discussing they mysteries of public speaking and how you can break barriers in your business if you take the steps to master this critical skill. Who should put themselves in front of audiences and who shouldn’t? What is the secret to getting hired? And I’ll ask Wendy to share the Action Languages that you can master that help move people to action.