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Guli Guli Furby Fake (Chinese Demo) Please Check the Description!!


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I don't own this video, and I don't know Chinese. I decided to upload it here to YouTube since I couldn't find it uploaded on here anywhere. I downloaded it from here:

This bootleg is based off a character from a show called "Guli Guli". I know that the name of the Furby fake is 绿咕力小精灵, but the name of the character that it is based off is 绿咕力. I THINK the character's name in English is Li Gu Li.

The same company that created the Fuzzy Wonderz (DY Moral Region) was involved with creation of this bootleg. Moral Region's official website is here: If you click on DY Moral Region's logo and scroll to the bottom of the page, you would see some Furby fakes including Fuzzy Wonderz (also a Hatchimal bootleg), Hibou, and the bootleg you see in this video.