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  1. Data breaches happen.
  2. That means your usernames
  3. email addresses
  4. passwords
  5. phone number
  6. ip address
  7. Coulb be out there being traded
  8. on the dark web.
  9. Take back control
  10. of your personal data.
  11. Firefox Monitor
  12. See if you've been part of known online
    data breaches
  13. Enter your email address for immediate
  14. You'll see past breaches you've been a part of.
  15. what data is out there
  16. and what to do next.
  17. Sign up for a Firefox account
  18. to get alerts about new breaches as they're discovered
  19. and to monitor all your email addresses
    at once
  20. You can't stop hackers from hacking
  21. but you can make it harder
  22. Firefox Monitor
  23. Join Firefox
  24. Firefox