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  1. I must say that my trip was not easy at all.
  2. We have been through a very tough time, we faced many obstacles until we got here
  3. And you know how it is on border crossings.
  4. Her: OK, lets not talk about the crossing.
  5. Her: You are now in Doha, are you happy ?
  6. Of course I am happy, because now I will start working on building my future and career
  7. That is my wish, and I wish the same for all Palestine children.
  8. Her: We hope inshaAllah other kids will have a bright future.
  9. Her: What do you want be in the future ? You are now studying in school
  10. Her: What do you want to be in the future ?
  11. I want to be a scientist, and and astronaut, discover other planets.
  12. To be a scientist, explore things, so Palestine can say there is finally one kid that we are proud of
  13. What Israel is now doing to us is cruel.
  14. Her: You made it out of Gaza, but there are still many other kids, your friends are still in Gaza
  15. Her: What would you like to say to them ?
  16. In proper Arabic: I will never forget you.
  17. I will never forget Gaza's children
  18. Or Palestine children.
  19. Since I got the title "Ambassador of Palestine Children"
  20. I will never foget you.
  21. And my promise for them is that i will always be loyal to them
  22. Claim and asking for their rights which had been taken from them
  23. And defend them with all my strength
  24. Her: MashaAllah, you speak proper Arabic better than me Ahmad.
  25. Alhamdulellah, Her: so you are good in school ?
  26. Yes alhamdulellah
  27. Her: You requested the US to interfere in this, did they listen to you ?
  28. Did they open the border crossings ?
  29. No they did not listen, the border crossings are still closed.
  30. And the occupation is still as it is.
  31. Her: Did you feel bad about that ?
  32. Yes I feel very bad because of these crossings, I was absent in school for around 2 months
  33. Her: And now you will study in Qatar ?
  34. Alhamdulellah
  35. Her: would you ever forget what happened in Gaza ?
  36. Her: You study now in Doha and you will pursue it here, so you may easily forget all your friends there.
  37. And everything happened with you
  38. How would you convince them that you wont forget them ?
  39. Gaza is my home, i was born there, Gaza is everything, i will never forget Gaza nor my friends
  40. I will never forget my mother and brothers. I will not forget anyone.
  41. Him: I want to ask you, you are a kid, and all are responsible for you.
  42. Not only your parents, but the palestinain goverment is also responsible for you.
  43. But these big people are a bit different, you as a kid, what would you like to tell those big people
  44. I request the unite us, I request from Mahmoud Abbas, and Ismael Hanieh, to unite then unite us.
  45. You have all seen what is going on, i come and go tired, i put all my efforts to get here.
  46. The palestinan children are crying, they are hungrey, they want to be happy, they want to play
  47. They want a better palestine, they want it to be freen.
  48. Him: What is wrong with them Ahmad ? Why are they not united ?
  49. Because they did not make a national unity
  50. They must unite
  51. Her: Do you learn what is going on in West Bank or Gaza from news on TV or from your parents or friends
  52. Honestly, i would like to see the news on TV
  53. To know what is going on around me
  54. But not that much, i dont watch news that much.
  55. Her: Do you watch cartoons or any other shows ? Because children in your age
  56. watch cartoons and kids show
  57. Of course, but personally i dont watch TV, i spend most of my time learning
  58. and studying, caring about Gaza children, caring about Gaza
  59. Her: Bravo, before we went on-air you recited an english poem
  60. called Palestine will be free. Say it on-air for the people who do not speak Arabic
  61. Him: Is it by you Ahmed ?
  62. Of course not
  63. Him: Ahmad i would like to tell you something
  64. I am as a news anchor, spent 15 years on TV and this is the most important interview i have ever done
  65. Her: Inshallah Palestine will be free on day as you wish
  66. This is you in the picture