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← Video from Jassem in Syria on May 10.

Video in Arabic - please provide English and Arabic subtitles. Having both languages allows more people to translate into other languages.

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  1. The Injured and Killed of the city of Jasem
  2. Tuesday, May 10th
  3. It is 6:30 pm
  4. [Man carrying body] Move, Move!
    [People chanting] There is no God, but Allah, There is no God, but Allah
  5. And this is the first person killed in the city of Jasem
  6. [His name is] Adnan Ghayar
  7. [Protesters chant] There is no God, but Allah and (Bashar) Al Assad is the Enemy of Allah.
  8. [Chanting] There is no God, but Allah & the Martyr is loved by Allah.