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Afficher la révision 8 créée 04/14/2014 par Kelsey Mitchell.

  1. Snow grows white in the m ...
  2. [Plastic Cup Falls in Background]
  3. The snow grows white in the mountain night,
  4. And no footprints to be seen.
  5. The king of 'sulation.
  6. and it looks like I'm a qu- queen
  7. [Inhales Deeply]
  8. The wind is h... oh!
  9. Don't- don't let them in,
    Don't- don't let them see,
  10. be the good girl you always have to be.
  11. Don't let them feel,
    Don't let them know.
  12. But now they know!
  13. Let it go,
    Let it go!
  14. Can't hold back anymore!
  15. Let it go,
    Let it go!
  16. Can't hold back anymore.
  17. [Inhales Deeply]
  18. I'm ne.. I'm never going back,
  19. The past is in the blast!
  20. Let it go,
    Let it go!
  21. Can't hold backanymore.
  22. That's her-
    That's her song.