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  1. this is sweat sweat sweat sweat in the
  2. morning in the morning in the morning
  3. shake weight just fucking go go
  4. you got some are tattoos right yeah I
  5. know your tattoos kind of symbolic or
  6. some people in hip-hop someone here some
  7. of the folks hip-hop that she told him I
  8. look up to or some of those ppl park
  9. biggie Missy the those are my favorite
  10. MCS and you got them tattooed on you
  11. ya do ok so with this special edition 25
  12. things of badness we going to play beats
  13. by park biggie
  14. ok and we can start off with some Missy
  15. okay
  16. shia labeouf this thing the Academy dog
  17. can go just say where you at right now
  18. to set the big screen dog you went in
  19. Hollywood right now silent but that
  20. ain't what this is
  21. you are now officially entering the
  22. value of the hyena
  23. hi welcome to the five fingers of death
  24. are now entering that five fingers of
  25. death
  26. DJ one is five unique beats meant to
  27. test you on lyrical stamina i should
  28. look in his eyes this guy's crazy
  29. many have tried the best this is just
  30. another chance for me to prove it but
  31. many have failed
  32. it's the five fingers of the morning che
  33. 455 feet designed to trip you up and
  34. make you a star silent sway in the
  35. morning first week 1dj wonder some
  36. faster
  37. listen get ready get set this mean this
  38. is wild as a childhood dream
  39. I'm that guy though all pride you do my
  40. thing is stacked right on that white Oh
  41. gun club I mean 10 that's dumb club
  42. I don't go there but i get done love
  43. legend bitch trash you heard that's all
  44. the legend bitch plagiarists they making
  45. shake greatest gifts come from painful
  46. shit
  47. truth is I'm a true g only white dude
  48. with big and Coogi to me and Tupac too
  49. and miss you my two knees do please stop
  50. asking about my tax like some groupies
  51. whenever the troops required
  52. I'm hired I'm the go-to guy for fire
  53. when the troops not needed repeated i
  54. come from the streets kid I'm gyro why
  55. is he acting up backing up when the
  56. trash is up trash will pass the buck
  57. tell me why though because i'm testing
  58. me for the best of me trying to ensure
  59. this legacy my code talk shit i'll pop
  60. up on popping these popping gee Papa see
  61. I get you high as poppy seeds copy me
  62. there knocks to me Rodney checky checky
  63. evidently kid is transcending god damn
  64. it's a hell of a day sat here Jane
  65. between suede is a dream yes sir on the
  66. belle of the ball never thought my rom
  67. style was a boy rounds negligible
  68. unintelligible now an exceptional
  69. unquestioned boy no question of full my
  70. cup runneth over
  71. this is going viral yup I'm taking over
  72. better than I've been alert alert sober
  73. me up energy since he knew Kurt Loder
  74. Wright State kosher shirt folder good
  75. kid slow roll like a hurt boulder god
  76. damn i'm here you're nowhere your poser
  77. I'm poster your no sir i'm closer to
  78. toaster I'm solar your
  79. nervous I'm not strong rockster your
  80. novice I'm honest I'm Costner I'm kevy
  81. your second to a monster drama prosper
  82. you are not serving you're a tosser atad
  83. the loop on your father but I in that
  84. dough
  85. what I am is I'm criminal syllables and
  86. pronouns watch how it goes down
  87. yeah my whole sounds profile freestyle
  88. sway you would think i was a pro now and
  89. it's pronoun shia labeouf i'm flying
  90. high and high enough i am above cut from
  91. steel boys real iron stuff i kill the
  92. popping sway 58 enough now but i might
  93. do hip-hop used to be fertile now is
  94. Timbuktu where the spinners go garbage
  95. leadership they wrote miss me with that
  96. little boat is bigger individuals
  97. committed to these principles is living
  98. on a tippy toes sticking with the
  99. hippies whole considering the
  100. misanthropes talk to those who gave it
  101. all got passed over wraps over when you
  102. gas up too fast forward is done now is
  103. trash rapping in October who wrote what
  104. for who is also below par substandard
  105. used to be a litmus if you didn't write
  106. your own shit you got dismissed been
  107. through that now is kiss kiss bang bang
  108. I came to do my bang bang it was written
  109. get coke this the shipment Jewish back
  110. to this music with a twist the women
  111. women on the shipment get the business
  112. mint condition but I marry keep your
  113. distance treat these ladies fair like
  114. I'm Henry Higgins this the shipment
  115. distinction time I got fire i can
  116. realign your spine man i am really like
  117. to redesign your rhymes man i'm behind
  118. Steiner Ryman on your bloodline
  119. assignment this is what you call
  120. refinement I think God Almighty that are
  121. balling slightly I say Amen
  122. I'm just a men's chase inhalation I'm
  123. occupation patient comes from below the
  124. basement from the pavement then I got an
  125. agent that I've done made it past Tom
  126. Hanks replacement god damn my life's
  127. amazing and you liked it because my life
  128. Israel my life is like the highlight
  129. reel don't like me check twitter how the
  130. zeitgeist feel sway in shape for the
  131. father's what I just killed
  132. ok
  133. Sonny's way brought in this case i
  134. didn't think i was gonna have to pull
  135. them out but down Sonny was about to go
  136. crazy you just see what happened right
  137. here just what we've been talking about
  138. this is what the show is about there's
  139. no divisive miss in this show
  140. there's no discrimination in this show
  141. you either got bars are you don't sigh
  142. labeouf came in here talking to you
  143. whack motherfucking rappers your wack
  144. rappers we hate you I hate you don't
  145. watch his movies of your wack rappers
  146. fuck you
  147. sadhana of a new era ladies and
  148. gentlemen Shia LaBeouf number one MC and
  149. highly work to take the title to bring
  150. your ass up here to the five fingers of
  151. death
  152. he's out wrapping four-time rapidshare
  153. they scared to come up here a they might
  154. be actors posing as rappers do what
  155. rapper posing as an actor hey what's
  156. your great after this
  157. yo we're gonna come back man could you
  158. listen like yet
  159. then I'm glad you could make that happen
  160. I'm glad I'm a part of that moment you
  161. get me killed aizen was looking at me
  162. like yo this dude is fucking killing it
  163. okay you're silent check he got a bar my
  164. worst first versus emerging rehearsing
  165. these written vs vs versatile original
  166. nigga spit and what hurts him like this
  167. special person working on corners living
  168. worthless to purposely summer conversion
  169. life in the hearse and even speak unless
  170. the pill into the church just another
  171. preaching here and that's receiving on
  172. the first gets worse we know for certain
  173. me searching for certain purchases and
  174. working behind the curtain the tourney
  175. leaves to preserve the anger and anguish
  176. that is looking this research and I
  177. don't want to go revoked the meaning and
  178. saying curses in my personal my voice to
  179. be heard and hopefully i'm going for you
  180. it's not a display setup was the word
  181. custom work slower from the urban young
  182. person is intoxication to the mound
  183. without to taste the Bourbon my flirting
  184. with my destiny for better or for worse
  185. and I'm gonna stay with the best
  186. forgotten the paranormal hurting the god
  187. I'm to open so underrated and I
  188. overheard Nikolas under me stay time
  189. operated i'm constantly over look like
  190. last ball over the basement working
  191. under potential songs all over the
  192. playlist overwhelming underestimation
  193. got me sick and then that IM taking is
  194. making me more legit like a diamond
  195. under pressure parent / by the NSA she's
  196. on another white because I coldish quiet
  197. don't you show your work that baby that
  198. is sleeping can't afford to be disturbed
  199. that baby gets the game and I call it
  200. spilling me and the nightmares daddy's
  201. having the Olympics that I speak someone
  202. sleeping on a nigga he's slipping on
  203. your friends like a piston matches
  204. thinking and covered in yellow stains
  205. understand the fifth except for your
  206. natural stop them but this the populace
  207. in telling the scriptures on train wreck
  208. better believe i got my lucky buttons
  209. are close enough to me that I don't see
  210. the garbage all the proposition assuming
  211. that I grew up in and my talent flowers
  212. and I'm not sure my gift until the
  213. public schools love you get him how your
  214. first to another lighter plus the higher
  215. than niggas team with the government
  216. really are the harder you make it love
  217. you know the type of the club with that
  218. said I'm going on this weekend coming
  219. hard liquor and wanna see the light of
  220. day debasement life or last long
  221. emergence being a pro longer to my face
  222. is gross wrong i heard a word from the
  223. wise when I close my eyes he even trains
  224. in a subway station underground for so
  225. long
  226. happy birthday from the soft-spoken and
  227. like it harden wash gonna get truth to
  228. modeling hearted give me the faith of a
  229. mustard seed to believe you've given me
  230. the ability to lead to that see that you
  231. parted
  232. let me see a kingdom to the soul
  233. apartment and let me feel so basically
  234. to touch your garments give me the birds
  235. that I need to upset the fabric season
  236. recent ones with the weed and guns in
  237. the glove compartment got because I just
  238. want to be me but I want the world to
  239. see you take your name on the dollar and
  240. put it back in our minds and I'll be
  241. fine to follow degrees you and I'll be
  242. fine if all I believe its truth and not
  243. be found in my life is considered proof
  244. and i'll be finally my heart decided
  245. this micah resting peacefully my solar
  246. side of both husband got the majority
  247. masters never matter long as you please
  248. son is doing as well I never doubt that
  249. is quite your boys being watched so I
  250. just hope these words help your people
  251. feel what I feel for real i went into me
  252. psylocke lady Jang play in the morning
  253. on shade 45