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  1. Hey everybody, Pilgrim Farmer here.
  2. Well, I haven't been doing
    any farming at all
  3. this year.
  4. I've actually been doing
    a lot of building this year.
  5. You can call me Pilgrim Builder this year.
  6. No farming whatsoever
    that I'm doing myself, however
  7. not to say that farming
    ain't being done on the property.
  8. We are here in a peanut field.
  9. And some of you were probably offended
    at the title of this
  10. saying, "Well of course
    peanuts don't grow on trees".
  11. Well, that's actually a question
    we get quite a bit.
  12. You'll show someone a field like this,
    and they'll say–
  13. who's from other parts of the country–
    and they'll say, "Hey, what's that?"
  14. I say, "Well, that's a peanut field,"
  15. And they'll say,
    "Peanuts? I thought they grew on trees".
  16. "No, no, no,
    they grow in the ground".
  17. And here's a–
    we have this huge washout right here
  18. which gives us a unique opportunity.
  19. You see exactly how they do grow.
  20. I just dug these out here.
  21. I'mma get the shovel
    in there a little more.
  22. Just happened to find a shovel out here.
    In't that convenient?
  23. Alrighty.
  24. We'll there we go.
  25. You see how
  26. they're not that far down.
  27. Now these are still very young,
    and they're not ready to be picked yet.
  28. And the greens on top are usually
    a lot taller than this,
  29. however
  30. every night the deer come through here
    and munch them–
  31. chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp,
    chomp, chomp, chomp–
  32. munch them right back down.
  33. They just go up and down
    the rows feasting.
  34. As you can see, the tap root comes down
    about that far on these,
  35. but the peanuts are
  36. fairly close to the top.
  37. That's a pretty good return
  38. considering they just planted
    about one of those,
  39. and look how many you get in return.
  40. Here's another, another open row here.
  41. Courtesy of the washout.
  42. Those look fairly healthy,
  43. look fairly healthy.
  44. Now speaking of the deer,
  45. see the corn spilt on the ground here.
  46. Yes, baiting of deer is legal in Georgia.
  47. Someone has put corn down there,
  48. but as you can see the
  49. big deer tracks
  50. walking right through the corn,
    and they're completely ignoring it,
  51. not paying it any mind.
  52. Why should they bother
  53. with the corn spilled on the ground
  54. when there's acres
  55. of fresh food for 'em to eat?
  56. Now we've got a harvester working
    on another field
  57. where the peanuts are ready
    to be harvested.
  58. Let's take a look at it.
  59. 'Kay, that machine we just saw's
    called an inverter,
  60. and it's job is to invert the peanuts
  61. like we see here.
  62. Pull 'em out of the ground,
  63. flip 'em over upside down,
    and set them back down
  64. And then the sun,
  65. which we see up there shining bright
  66. tonight in Georgia,
  67. the sun and the wind
    will dry the nuts out.
  68. Then another machine will come by later,
  69. separate the peanut itself from the plant.
  70. Then the peanuts go into a big wagon,
  71. and the greens themself
  72. they'll stay,
    they'll fall back on the ground.
  73. Another machine will come by,
    bale these up into huge round bales,
  74. and you can use them for animal feed,
  75. primarily is what they use them for.
  76. But he's got one row done
  77. in this field here.
  78. And he's got,
  79. oh, he's got
  80. a lot of work to do.
  81. One of the best things
    about the peanut plant
  82. is that it will grow just about anywhere.
  83. Look at this ground here.
  84. I mean this dirt is
  85. better suited for growing pottery
    than peanuts,
  86. but yet it still grows.
  87. Various parts of Africa and China
  88. people are hungry and starving.
  89. The peanut is a fantastic
    source of protein for 'em.
  90. That's all I got to say about the peanut.
  91. But anyways,
    thanks for watching, everybody.
  92. Hope you learned something.
    Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.
  93. Hey, it was worth it to
    listen to me babble
  94. for a little bit anyways.
  95. I'm up here giving you the panoramic view
  96. from my luxury deer stand.
  97. And I haven't been in this deer stand in
  98. a couple of–
    well, actually been a whole lotta year.
  99. A little nervous about what's in here.
    Oh, baby like
  100. black widow spider perhaps!
  101. But, typically there's scorpions in here.
  102. Oh well, either way
  103. thanks for watching, everybody. Bye-bye.