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Zone to defend


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In April the Collective of struggle fighting an Airport ( proposed us a space on the so called "Zone to defend" , LaZAD ( /). The 2000 hectares of land threatened by the stupid idea to build a pharaonic international airport for the city of Nantes. Project useless, pompous verbiage hidden behind a pseudo-green flags (it would be a Aéoroport HQE - Environmental Quality - Ha Ha) that barely conceals it's true ambitions: develop a business at the expense of live, expand the concreted areas to create a Industrial zone from Nantes to Rennes, impose yet a little more the law of money against those who just want to live off the land.
It is a field that many of us are familiar with. Different groups and associations, numerous and heterogeneous, are fighting for up to 40 years. In addition, a Climate Action Camp was held there in 2009. The desire to make a place to experiment with radical struggles have emerged. A call to occupy the area has been sent out, and many people have responded ever since, helping to enhance the fight by the occupation of land and houses purchased by the General Council, for the establishment of autonomous collectives and experimentation on daily level our lifestyles and collective alternatives. The local struggle against the construction of the airport is vital (actioins took place in early May as well in june, works could start in September). It is therefore logic to do the village in July 2011 on this occupied ground and to try to build up a dynamic group with the various collective and individual who are fighting on the ZAD. Without claiming ownership of this fight, we hope to make it more visible and show that there is a clear link between the local project and the global economic system we are fighting. By making a village we hope to participate in the development of infrastructure to accommodate people wanting to settle for active resistance against the airport and its authoritarian world.