Sound Better With This Thumb Muting Guitar Trick

Sound Better With This Thumb Muting Guitar Trick

� Stop Dreaming & Play Guitar: In this lesson, we explore thumb muting in the A, D, G, and C chord shapes! This is a great technique to learn if you need your chords to sound BETTER and CLEARER, and also if you're into playing the Blues or Rock! :) #justinguitar #guitar #guitarforbeginners

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� Video Chapters:
00:00 - Where to place your thumb on the guitar
01:18 - Thumb Muting - A Chord
04:35 - Thumb Muting - D Chord
07:26 - Thumb Muting - G Chord
08:09 - Thumb Muting - C Chord
09:32 - Experiment with thumb muting

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