Entrepreneurs + Innovation + Community = Success

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show is all about bringing budding entrepreneurs with great ideas together into a community where they can learn from each other and thrive rather than sit home looking at a computer screen hoping for results.

My guest Peter Propp is the Chief Marketing Officer at the Stamford Innovation Center in Stamford, CT. Peter has spent his career helping consumer and Business-Business companies develop and execute marketing strategies to address business needs. He previously spent 15 years at IBM, primarily in the IBM Software group where he was the original business development manager for IBM’s WebSphere brand. In addition to his job at Stamford Innovation Center, he consults to a variety of companies including traditional businesses looking to leverage modern techniques, venture-backed technology companies in need of a disciplined approach to making product marketing and go-to-marketing decisions, as well as individuals looking to leverage social media techniques to enhance their personal brand.

He will be sharing the vision and practical outcomes that the Stamford Innovation Center are enjoying as well as insights on how this could be a model for other cities and jurisdictions to engage their fledgling entrepreneurs.