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← Video of children describing what the Syrian army has done`

This video was reportedly taken in Deraa. Please provide Arabic and/or English subtitles so that we can get into other languages as well.

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  1. What happened?
  2. Tell him.
  3. Where do you live?
  4. In the town
  5. Ok, what happened?
  6. Look at this, they were throwing it at people
  7. What did you do to make(the government) do this to you?
  8. We didn't do anything, we didn't do anything to them.
  9. They came to the school and started destroying everything.
  10. They took books and the Quran
  11. And the hall way had medical supplies
  12. Were you scared?
  13. Of course we were scared
  14. They came at us with tanks
  15. Its all because of the traitor, Bashar
  16. They had written "We support Bashar"
  17. But we are not all with him
  18. Why are you not with him?
  19. We are not all with him
  20. is it because of what he did
  21. Yes because of what he did
  22. They are going into peoples houses
  23. They are killing and robbing
  24. Are you sure?
  25. Yes for sure
  26. They've stolen gold and things..
  27. They've stolen 17 million worth from peoples houses.
  28. They search houses at night, while night searches are not allowed.
  29. Yes, they come at night. They steal people's belongings.

  30. They burned two cars.
  31. if they could shell us from airplanes, they would do
  32. But Israel won't give them airplanes
  33. So they use their tanks instead
  34. Be careful